The Supersonic Interview: ONEQ


The work of ONEQ, a completely self-taught Japanese illustrator, is an example of what effect influences from all places - gathered from growing up in such a pop culture and image laden era - can have on a complex, artistic mind.

Such an idea covers all the artist’s work I post on Supersonic Electronic, but ONEQ’s work is a rather unique example of this “electronic” age (the last twenty years assimilation of pop culture and unlimited aesthetics available from the world wide web) of art in that her work remains strongly Japanese.


Ability to simplify defines understanding a subject completely and (perhaps subconsciously) ONEQ does just that. Her art is a phenomenon of simply beautiful pop born from her obsession with Manga and American illustrators (One American illustrator ONEQ mentions is Simon Bisley, who no doubt influences the erotic nature of her drawings) with themes derived from her life growing up in a coastal Japanese city.

Over the course of a month and with thanks to a very helpful translator, ONEQ and I spoke about her life, these influences and her obsession with driving.

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